Michigan Students Want To Bring Back Slavery If Elected President

High school students in Michigan recently posted a video of themselves being racist, saying that African slavery needs to return to our country.

Although slavery ended more than a century ago, racism still exists which is a fact that a group of high school students made more apparent with a rant about the “need” to bring back the dehumanizing practice.

Students at Grosse Pointe South High School in Michigan recently discussed what they would do if they were elected President of the United States in the year 2040, according to LoveBScott.

Shockingly, the racist teens mentioned that slavery needs to make a comeback and one of them said that African-Americans are “stupid, worthless, need to leave our country, need to be sent back to Africa.” 

Several students at Gross Pointe South High School approached the principal, Moussa Hamka, and showed him the video. He responded by sending out a letter to the parents of the students.

“The comments made are deplorable. We will continue to demonstrate that the majority of our students and community members do not accept and will not tolerate such bigotry,” Hamka said in the letter. 

As part of their undeniable consequence for posting the offensive video, the three students showcased in the video received suspensions or separations, according to WXYZ.

Fable The Poet, a Facebook user, posted a link today of the horrific story in which another Facebook user named Frannie Taylor expressed her thoughts.

“Gross Pointe is probably one of the most racist neighborhoods of Detroit, years and years of it."

It’s despicable and disappointing that racism still exists in our country and that people have a hard time accepting and loving people of different races

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