Racist Letter Tells Interracial Couple To 'Get Out' Of Neighborhood

A couple in Indiana received a letter filled with racial slurs that told them to leave the neighborhood — all because he's white and she's black.

A southern Indiana couple may have never thought they would be in the news, let alone for something so vile.

According to WDRB, an anonymous letter containing racial slurs was sent to the interracial couple telling them to “get out of our neighborhood.”

The correspondence had no return address, and it claimed to speak on behalf of the entire neighborhood.

The incredibly insensitive and ignorant letter was addressed to the woman, Shana Evans, who said she won't let this act of hate push her away from her own home. 

Evans, who is black, and her white fiancé are told in the letter to leave the Jeffersonville neighborhood. The writer claims the “white boy is a disgrace to his race” and that Evans is a disgrace to hers.

Evans, who has lived in the region for 11 years, says that this reaction to their relationship makes her feel like they are living in the past.

“This is 2017, I didn't know that I had to comply by anybody's guidelines ... to live in this specific neighborhood,” she told reporters.

"I really do feel like I'm back in the times," she added. "Now it's like I have to watch my every step, because I don't know who's watching me or who's making judgment on me."

Adding that the neighborhood allegedly “[wishes] we didn't have to see the race mixing on a daily basis,” the letter tells the couple that what neighbors want is for them to leave just like in the movie “Get Out.”

Speaking to WDRB, neighbor Nathan Powell said that this letter is “absolutely not what this neighborhood is like,” and that he's “embarrassed."

"If I could say anything to that couple, I'd say those people don't know what they're talking about,” he concluded.

Evans, who has not let this prejudiced and threatening letter get the best of her, says that she's sorry her relationship bothers the person behind this correspondence.

“I wish you would find help,” she added.

The person behind this letter could face charges, local police said. 

It seems like incidents involving individuals being attacked or discriminated against because of their culture, the color of their skin, or their religion are making the news every day. It's disheartening to see this happening, as Americans across the country refuse to let the inflammatory comments made by many, such as President Donald Trump himself, divide them.

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