Racist Man Allegedly Harasses Asian Women For Being Loud On NYC Train

“He told me to ‘shut the f*** up you stupid ch***’ and continued to antagonize us from the woodside to bayside stop,” claimed the victim.

In yet another display of racism and open discrimination against minorities in America, a man allegedly attacked two Asian women who were traveling with him in an NYC train.

Ariana Bian claimed she and her friend, Court Nah, were on the Long Island Rail Road service when another commuter got angry at Brian and Nah for being too loud. 

“He told me to ‘shut the f*** up you stupid ch***’ and continued to antagonize us from the woodside to bayside stop,” Bian wrote in her Facebook post, which has since gone viral.

This isn’t where the man, who was white and remains unidentified, stopped. According to Bian, he then asked the women if they even worked, bragging how he made $200K while working at the NYC Ironworkers. 

He also informed them about his father in-law, who was apparently the commissioner of FDNY, Daniel A. Nigro.

When Bian decided to post her ordeal on Facebook, she discovered the commissioner had no relationship with the harasser. 

FDNY Spokesperson Frank Gribbon confirmed Nigro had no relation to the man in the photos.

“This individual is not related to Commissioner Nigro, and the Fire Department finds the comments you cite, if true, to be reprehensible,” he said.

The commissioner’s daughter, Lori L. Nigro Quinn, also revealed she didn’t know the man after discovering Bian’s story. 

“This is NOT my husband nor is he my sister’s husband. We are not related to this individual nor do we even recognize him. It is disgraceful that this incident occurred. Truly unacceptable” she wrote

Bian, who is a fitness instructor, later updated her Facebook post, mentioning the harasser wasn’t related to FDNY.  She also gave him the benefit of doubt, explaining how long working days and lots of beer can take a toll over a person. Yet, the fact she was racially discriminated is outrageous and there is no excuse for that.

“Thank you everyone for your support. It seems this man may be a member of the iron workers and is not related to the FDNY,” the woman wrote. “I am sure he probably had a really long day and had one beer too many. I empathize with working 12+ hour days and wanting quiet on my commute home. I too have been in a train car where people talking loudly. But, never have I resorted to racial slurs. If he felt the volume of my conversation was too loud, he could have said ‘Look I've had a long day, could you keep it down?’ No. Instead he said ‘Shut the f*** up you stupid ch***.’ This man did not want quiet. He wanted confrontation.”

Incident of racial and religious harassment have witnessed an upward tick in the recent months.

Just recently, a North Dakota woman was caught on video threatening three Muslim women in a Wal-Mart parking lot and telling them she would kill them. She also told the women to “go home.” However, once the incident went viral and the woman lost her job, the victims forgave the harasser for targeting them.

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