White Man Shouts Racial Slurs At Asian Couple, Calls Them ‘Gooks’

“I feel it necessary to make people aware that this racism exists even in liberal states like California.”

A white man wearing a military hat and denim shorts has gone viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons. The unidentified man was caught on video making abusive gestures towards an Asian couple at the Calistoga Roastery coffee in California.

Before another man started to record, the bigoted white man reportedly spewed racial slurs at the couple; he also compared the woman to the actress Sandra Oh.

The Asian couple were working professionals from New York. They were on a vacation and reportedly tried to ignore the man’s behavior first. But that only enabled him and he kept yelling at them. “Did you hear what I said? I said you looked like Sandra Oh.”

He then reportedly called the couple “gooks” and said “f*** you, you gooks.”

“You’re calling us a gook,” said the man who was a target of the racist attack.

The white man responded with abusive hand gestures, however, as soon as he realized he was being filmed he stopped.

At that time a manager of the restaurant asked the racist man to apologize. But the bigot acted like he wasn’t at fault. “I just said she looks like Sanda Oh, and she went off.”

“I feel it necessary to make people aware that this racism exists even in liberal states like California, and also to prevent this man from doing this again to other minorities.” said the person who was filming the racial encounter.

The couple did not report the racist man who remains to be unidentified.

Incidents of discriminating Asian people are on a rise in America. Such acts of hatred are often filmed and uploaded on social media but that doesn’t seem to impact the xenophobes who feel it’s their right to discriminate against people of color. America has a long way to go in the fight against hate crimes, discrimination and ignorance in the country.

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