Racist Man Kicked Off Train After Going On Vulgar Rant Against Muslims

“The whole incident was quite scary,” recalled an eyewitness. “It just makes me angry that people can be so ignorant.”

In yet another display of blatant Islamophobia spreading across most of the western world, a newly emerged video shows a U.K. train passenger spewing venom against Islam and Muslims.

According to the Independent, the event occurred late at night on a train to Sheffield. Passengers on the train recall the man had uttered slurs against Muslims to capture the attention of people seated in front of him.

The man made vulgar remarks about Allah, saying that Muslims believed in a God that “rapes people.” Even as he said so, he was adamant that he was not being “racist,” wrongfully insisting he was just “quoting the Quran” — the revered Muslim holy book.

Throughout his rant, the woman sitting next to him tried to calm him down and stop his argument with the person filming the incident.

The man also identified himself as a supporter of Britain’s ultranationalist party, Britain First.

“I’m on this,” he can be heard saying. “I’m with Britain First on this.”

As other commuters confronted him on his racism, the man threatened violence. He told a man not to put a hand on him and threatened to “knock him straight out.” Fearing a scuffle between the two, the conductor ordered the racist passenger to get out.

The woman who filmed the incident, Victoria Hindle, said it was not the man, but the woman beside him who had first started to complain loudly about immigrants.

“Initially the pair were talking very loudly and the woman was shouting that she worked and paid taxes and these were all going to immigrants,” Hindle recalled. “She said that they were coming to our country but wouldn't let us go to theirs. They were really wanting to get the attention of the couple in front.”

It was at this point that she began to record their racism. The man caught her doing so and confronted her.

“The man in the video then started shouting, 'What are you looking at?' So I said, 'I was looking at you being racist.' The whole incident was quite scary. He was one of those people that were all mouth and I just wanted to film it to show people what he was doing,” Hindle said.

“It just makes me angry that people can be so ignorant. But there were a few other people on the tram who did not say anything. I can understand that it's hard when people like that are shouting it can be very intimidating but I think we have to say something.”

A spokeswoman for the Yorkshire Police Department assured the public that her department takes such incidents seriously and is currently investigating this act of racism.

Thumbnail/Banner: Pixabay, Pexels

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