Racist Man Repeatedly Hurls The N-Word At Black Verizon Worker

The racist customer said the Verizon employee was “disrespecting the entire black race,” while repeatedly calling him the n-word.



A man in San Francisco, California, was recorded going on a racist tirade after a Verizon staffer refused to sell him a product, because he allegedly did not have the money or family plan to buy it.

The unnamed white man, who has been branded “Safari Sam” by internet users, went on a full-blown rant, repeatedly chanting the n-word to the mobile company employee.

According to the employee, the man neither had a personal identification number to buy the phone on his plan, nor sufficient cash. When the customer was refused the product, he went out of the store, hurling racial slurs at the black employee.

“You won’t take my money!” the man yelled at a black Verizon employee who was filming him outside the store. “N*gger, you hear me?”

“I’m a n*gger?” the appalled employee asked. “He called me a n*gger!”

The racist man then claimed the Verizon employee was going to be fired because he kicked him out of the store. Another man behind the cameras can be heard saying, “White supremacy, white supremacy.”

The incident drew a couple of bystanders; another white man in particular asked the turned-down customer why he was hurling racial abuse at the store employee, to which the racist man replied, “Because he’s a n*gger and he’s disrespecting the entire black race! … there is black people and there’s n*ggers like you and you need to know it.”

The Verizon employee, who handled himself with a level-head during the exchange, had already said he wasn’t going to give a racist man satisfaction by reacting.

The video of the incident has been widely shared on social media, with many calling out the blatant racism of the white man.

“Some people are so utterly sad, empty and aware of their own emptiness, that they can only find comfort in their skin color,” on YouTube user said.

“Even though this guy yells the n-word in public I bet he's the type to insist that he's not racist at all,” another one added.

Unfortunately, such racist encounters have become a part of the daily routine, with African-American citizens facing racial abuse for mundane tasks such as using the restroom at a local restaurant, using the community pool or trying to perform community service.

Racial discrimination and the unashamed marginalizing of the African-American community has been going on for decades, but in recent times the matter has grown into a much bigger concern, where people of color have been shot and killed merely on the basis of suspicion by law enforcement agencies.

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