Racist Murderer Wishes Elderly Black Man He Killed Was A ‘Young Thug’

White supremacist James Harris Jackson revealed details of his plan to massacre black men in New York City during a recent jailhouse interview.

No need to wonder if the white supremacist who stabbed a black man to death in New York City last week feels any remorse — he doesn’t.

In an exclusive Rikers Island jail interview conducted by the New York Daily News with murderer James Harris Jackson, Jackson said that his only regret about killing 66-year-old Timothy Caughman is that he would rather have killed “a young thug” or “a successful older black man with blondes … people you see in Midtown,” or “these younger guys that put white girls on the wrong path.”

“I didn’t know he was elderly,” Jackson, 28, reportedly said of Caughman, as if to suggest that if he had known that detail, he would have spared his life.

Adding insult to injury, Jackson said he intended his killing of Caughman to be a test run before carrying out a larger plan with more bloodshed, but he never got around to finishing the job.

“I got depressed. ... I saw it was too late. It’s irreversible,” he said, adding, “I didn’t want to put my family through any more pain” — never mind the grieving relatives of the innocent man whose blood is on his hands.

While the killer admitted that his “typical liberal Democrat” family didn’t raise him to be racist, he claimed to have had his first racist thoughts at just 3 years old. He said the ideal era in U.S. history is “1950s America,” which is when Jim Crow was very much in full swing.

Jackson said that by carrying out these killings, he sought to discourage white women from interracial relationships. He stated that he thought if he killed enough black men that white women would start to think, “Well, if that guy feels so strongly about it, maybe I shouldn’t do it.”

“The white race is being eroded. ... No one cares about you. The Chinese don’t care about you, the blacks don’t care about you,” he reportedly said.

After taking a bus from Baltimore to New York City with the premeditated agenda to kill black men, Jackson said he still doesn’t understand why he’s facing hate crime charges.

“I don’t hate anyone I don’t think is on my level,” he said.

To say that this man is deranged would be an understatement. Although the circumstances are heartbreaking and reprehensible, the one slightest glimmer of light in this ordeal is that this deplorable being is off the streets.  

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Joshua Lott

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