Racist Man Threatens Neighbor With Rape, Tries To Kill Her Dog

An Albuquerque woman claims her neighbor, Selso Montano, yelled racial slurs at her and poisoned her dog.

A woman in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is speaking up against her neighbor, claiming he is prone to violent and irrational behavior yet the city continues to employ him as a bus driver.

Rain Sanders accused Selso Montano of not only yelling racial slurs at her and threatening to sexually assault her, but also trying to kill her dog.

Montano, who has worked for nine years as a bus driver for ABQ Ride, allegedly poisoned Sanders' dog, Kizumi, with anti-freeze.

According to the restraining order filed by the dog's owner, Montano put a bowl of poisoned hamburger meat in his backyard to lure in Kizumi after it once tried to enter the Montano's yard. Documents show Sanders took Montano to court, where a judge ordered him to pay for the dog’s $1,300 hospital bill and go to pet school.

Sanders said the harassment didn’t stop there. She recorded a video on her cell phone of Montano yelling racial slurs to her boyfriend, sister, and herself just last month.

“Kill the f****** J**! Kill the J**,” the bus driver was caught saying on the recording.

The victim also detailed another incident in the restraining order, when Montano had company and “the men were belligerent and drunk, yelling loudly and throwing glass bottles.”

The racist neighbor not only taunted Sanders and her family for not being able to stop him, but Sanders said she also “overheard them talking about her, with the defendant and his friends discussing raping her, as well as killing the dog yet again.”

Yet Montano still has his public service job. The reason: Since he wasn’t charged with a crime, the city said this situation does not affect his driving or the safety of his passengers.

Sanders disagrees.

“I don’t think it’s responsible to keep him in a city position,” she said.

The dog, Kizumi, recovered from the poisoning. But the veterinarian told Sanders that Kizumi could have died if they did not act as fast as they did.

Sanders has since moved but feels unsafe despite the restraining orders. 

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