White Supremacists 'Forbid Chinese Students' At Melbourne Universities

“Attention! Chinese people are forbidden to enter this place, if [they] break the rules [they] will possibly be faced with prosecution as well as deportation,” read the racist poster.

Students in Melbourne were shocked to see racist posters targeting Chinese students pasted across their university campuses.

The flyers were plastered at campuses of Monash University and the University of Melbourne and were removed immediately after they were discovered.

The posters, which were written in Mandarin, banned Chinese students from entering the campus and also threatened them with prosecution or deportation otherwise.

“Attention! Chinese people are forbidden to enter this place, if [they] break the rules [they] will possibly be faced with prosecution as well as deportation,” read the racist poster.

Following the incident, the respective universities took immediate action to catch the perpetrators and reported the incident to the police along with the CCTV footage.

Distressed students shared their thoughts on a Facebook group.

“When I was walking to my tute this morning, I saw three girls reading these posters, pointing at them and yelling. They seemed really distressed, what do the posters say?” wrote a student.

The posters had a link for a neo-Nazi group, Antipodean Resistance, at the back. The group also tweeted a picture of the posters with a caption that read, “Nonwhites get PRANKED, told that Chinese are not allowed in two universities, report to the office or be deported.”


The posters featured logos from the universities' student groups, and this created furor as well. Monash Student Association Clayton president Matilda Grey denied the union had any involvement and added she was “appalled” by the posters.

“We are completely appalled by this behavior. We don't stand for it at all and we would never have authorized or condoned this and we extend our solidarity and support to all Chinese students on campus,” said Grey.

The university confirmed 23 “racist and offensive” A4-size posters were discovered and were removed immediately from the campus.


“The university finds this material and associated behavior reprehensible. This disgusting behavior has occurred before at other Australian universities and the community is sick of it. It is disappointing that what is a very small, cowardly group of idiots is trying to tarnish Australia's reputation,” said Monash City Council spokesman.

The spokesman added, “While the posters were in a small area of the campus and we removed them quickly, as a university, we stand with our students, staff and the community in condemning this kind of thing. It has no place at our university or in the community.”

A Melbourne University spokesman said in a statement there was no evidence that the posters were produced or distributed by anyone associated with the school.

“These flyers were not produced — or condoned by — the University of Melbourne. Security staff removed the flyers and informed Victoria Police. The university also shared with police copies of the flyers and images from CCTV,” read the statement.

The statement further added, “The university does not tolerate activities of hatred and intolerance. We are committed to maintaining and strengthening a vibrant, inclusive and respectful campus community in which diversity is recognized, valued and celebrated.”



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