Another Day In Trump’s America: Racist Graffiti Shocks Spanish School

At least 75 percent of students at Cali Calmecac Language Academy, where vandals spray-painted the hateful graffiti, are Latino.

Thanks to Donald Trump’s blatant bigotry, schools are becoming less safe for students, especially students of color, in the United States.

Just this week, staff and students at a Spanish-language immersion school in Windsor, California, were shocked to find racist graffiti all over the campus.

Hateful messages such as "Trump 2016, build the wall higher" — a clear reference to the Republican candidate’s xenophobic plan to build a wall with Mexico — were spray-painted on walls of Cali Calmecac Language Academy are Latino.

At least 75 percent of students at the school are Latino.

Principal Jeanne Acuna told ABC7 News that when the mother of a student saw the graffiti, she started to cry.

"It's something that strikes a deep emotion. When you do something or say something that threatens a child's feeling of safety, that is not OK," she said. “This is going straight to little kids. They feel violated. They feel threatened by it, because it could be something that violates their parents, or affects their family. It’s a really ugly feeling.”

The incident comes amid complaints from teachers from across the country who claim Trump's rhetoric is inciting bullying against students of color. In fact, the phenomenon has become so common that the National Education Association have a term for it; it's called the "Trump effect."

The incident is currently being investigated as a hate crime.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Edward Echwalu 

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