Trump-Loving Pastor, Who Opposes Racial Mixing, Says He Isn't Racist

“Is there anything wrong with protecting the white race?” asked the school board member whose social media is full of racist, anti-Islamic posts.


Parents of students at the Oxford Hills School District in Maine complained about a school board member whose social media posts were extremely disturbing.

Robert “Bob” Celeste warned people over his Facebook and Twitter about “white genocide.” He targeted minorities and Muslims in several posts and belittled people of color, including black people.

After parents claimed of the disturbing activities of the RSU 17 school boards member, Celeste resigned, but maintained the resignation “had nothing to do with the fools that say, ‘That’s racist.’”

“They can’t even define ‘racist,'” said the bigot who earlier posted a meme on social media which depicted a white mother warning her daughter to not “betray her race.”

According to Celeste, there is nothing wrong in defending white people. “Is there anything wrong with protecting the white race?” he asked. And while defending white people is not wrong, degrading other races and religion is. However, Celeste does not understand this, proving himself to be a true white supremacist.

While speaking about his resignation, the Trump-loving pastor said “born-again Christians should not be putting their kids in a public school,” and that students in Maine schools were taught “lies.”

For Celeste, the school’s message of tolerance towards other religions was actually a lie.

Celeste is no stranger to controversy. Following the Paris attack, when the Islamic state took the responsibility for the terrorist attack in 2015, the school board member threatened Muslims.

“To all Muslims,” the post read. “The USA has the highest concentration of Armed Christians in the world, just in case you forget.”

After his disturbing social media posts were discovered, the bigoted school board member slammed schools that catered to “the nonbelievers, the Jews and everyone else.”

The pro-Trump senior pastor at the, regularly shares his love for the president, guns and disrespects other religions, especially Islam.


He also shares posts from right-wing websites including Breitbart, and also apparently advocates the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Hate-related incidents have been on a rise since Trump’s presidency and pastors like Celeste preaching hate, are the ones who will make America hate again.

People on social media expressed their discontent over Celeste’s believes.








Thumbnail/Banner Image:  Reuters

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