Racist, Sexist Trump Ironically Says Hillary Is The 'Evil' One

Donald Trump called his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton “in a certain way, evil” during a word association game on MSNBC’S "Morning Joe” on Tuesday.

When asked what word fit Clinton, the real estate mogul —after a long pause — responded “In a certain way, evil” to the utter shock of hosts Mika Brzezinski and  Joe Scarborough. He also called Jeb Bush “a loser,” Marco Rubio “confused,” and Ted Cruz (expectedly) “nasty.” Yet when referring to himself, Trump egotistically answered “brilliant” and “a nice person.”

The subject of Clinton as “evil” has been a major talking point throughout her campaign, with the GOP verbally attacking and being eerily suspicious of the Democratic establishment candidate. Her email and Benghazi scandals have branded her as corrupt and untrustworthy, and the media’s relentless criticism of Clinton’s “screaming” and mannerisms has only further solidified her image as an ice queen. Yet branding her politically evil has frankly nothing to do with the aforementioned exaggerated headlines but rather are part of a ceaseless smear campaign against Clinton that has surged ever since she’s entered the political spotlight. As the GOP has tried to tear down President Barack Obama over the last eight years, Clinton has faced her own hoard of discrimination, and both stem from the Republican Party’s blatant discomfort with having a minority president. Just as the GOP is remarkably uncomfortable with a black man leading the nation, they are similarly bigoted in their reaction to Clinton. A strong, fearless woman is a threat to the white male status quo in government. She’s not evil, she’s a woman, but for Republicans those two identities are nonsensically interchangeable.

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