'White Elevators' Signs At RNC Perfectly Convey GOP's Racial Ignorance

The GOP has a lot of explaining to do. Pins comparing Clinton to a KFC meal are being passed around and elevator signs suggest racial segregation.

The GOP’s Republican National Convention officially kicked off Monday, but not without supremely embarrassing itself in more ways than one.

republican national convention

Reporters are having a field day mocking the ridiculousness that is the right-wing convention being held in Cleveland, Ohio this week.

First, over the weekend, Byron Tau, a reporter with the Wall Street Journal, tweeted a photograph of an elevator sign at the Quicken Loans Arena which pointed in the direction of “White Elevators.” Apparently there are also "blue" and "red" elevators to promote a sense of patriotism, yet the misguided attempt conveys a rather Jim Crow-esque sentiment instead. 

Tau tweeted that he was told it’s being “replaced for obvious reasons.” Reports have stated that the signs are hurriedly being removed by convention organizers. The image went viral and was tweeted nearly 6,000 times over.

In the array of pins that are being worn by delegates, one overtly sexist badge directly compares Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to meatchicken meat, to be precise.

The pin reads, “The ‘KFC Hillary Special:’ 2 Fat Thighs, 2 Small Breasts… Left Wing.” Another pin reportedly calls Clinton a “b*tch.”

There is apparently no threshold of shame among the GOP convention organizers, or any feminists, for that matter.

With Donald Trump about to be officially nominated by the Republicans as their 2016 presidential candidate, it’s business as usual for the right-wing party. 

Photo credit: Twitter, @ByronTau

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