Racists Assault Bar Manager For Defending Black Employee

“We have a black bartender we just employed. We weren’t having it. We wanted them gone,” the bar manager said.

A bar manager who tried defending his black bartender from racist bigots was violently assaulted in Spokane, Washington.

Two men entered the bar and hurled racist slurs at the bartender, as Jade Cardwell intervened and tried to stop them from racially assaulting his African-American employee.

“Right away, when they came in, they were dropping the N-word,” Cardwell said. “We have a black bar tender we just employed. We weren’t having it. We wanted them gone.”

Generally bartenders will follow the troublemakers to the door and close them after they exit, explained Cardwell.

However in this distressing incident, Cardwell didn’t even get a chance to deal with the undesirable customers, as one of the men physically dragged the manager out of the bar.

As if this wasn’t enough of a trauma, the racist men even tore Cardwell’s clothes apart and attacked him brutally before dragging him toward their car.

“One of them ripped my hair out, ripped my shirt,” he said.

“Two 6 ft. tall guys came into our bar, used hate speech, ripped a chunk of hair out of my head, tore my shirt off, punched a coworker in the face, broke my nose and pulled a knife and threatened 6 of us that we were gonna get stabbed,” Cardwell wrote on Facebook.

The bar manager, who bore the brunt of this senseless hate, had to go through surgery after getting severely injured.

“I’m going in for surgery today,” he told KHQ earlier on Wednesday. “They have to put my nasal cavity back together.”

Cardwell reported the incident to the Spokane Police Department but they didn’t seem too keen on helping him out, Cardwell said, despite the fact he provided them with the CCTV footage from his bar, identifying they had Idaho license plates.

The bar manager also uploaded pictures from the CCTV footage on Facebook asking friends to identify the men.

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