Trump Supporter Allegedly Kills Black Man After A Political Debate

A “major Trump supporter” allegedly stabbed a black man multiple times at a bus stop. The victim later succumbed to his injuries.

In yet another blatant display of racism and xenophobia in President Donald Trump’s America, a bigot allegedly stabbed an African-American man after an argument over politics and sports got heated.

According to reports, Philip Wade, who happens to be a Trump supporter from California, was arrested after attacking a 57-year-old man, Anthony Johnson of Pittsburg, on a Tri Delta Transit bus in Oakley.

Following the argument, the 38-year-old reportedly produced a knife and fatally stabbed Johnson multiple times. A passerby saw the incident, pulled out a gun at Wade and told him to get on the ground.

The man waited at the location until police arrived.

The officers took both men in custody without knowing who was who. They later released the witness.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

“Tony was not a violent man, but that he liked to socialize a lot and was well-known in Pittsburg,” said Johnson’s brother, James Johnson. “He just talked a lot. He could talk to anybody and sometimes he would talk loud. He socialized a lot and he talks, but he wasn’t a man to be violent like that.”

As far as Wade is concerned, this wasn’t the first time he reportedly stabbed an innocent man.

Earlier in 2011, Wade stabbed a 23-year-old man in the Brentwood BART park-and-ride after an argument on the train carried into the parking lot. Justin Garza thankfully survived the incident. Later in 2013, he fatally stabbed 49-year-old Kann Cendejas, a homeless veteran, at a Chevron gas station in Antioch.

“Wade’s Facebook page outlines increasingly hostile statements and threats towards Muslims and African-Americans,” the East Bay Times reported. “On May 19, Wade posted a threatening racist statement concerning former President Barack Obama along with the gun emoji and the emoji of a man wearing a turban.”

However, Oakley police Chief Chris Thorsen does not believe the latest attack on Johnson was racially motivated.

Wade’s friend Gabriel Desta, seconds his opinion. 

“He’s had many altercations over the years and it’s gotten more severe,” Desta mentioned. “He was never like this before. He’s been very vocal ever since I met him, but lately he was getting paranoid. Unusually paranoid.”

“The other day at Mel’s Diner, he told a waitress that he would stab a group of black guys there, saying they were talking bad about him, but they weren’t talking about him,” the friend added, after explaining that Wade was on medication for seizures. 

Desta said Wade could be prejudiced at times, but described him as “more of a follower,” who became a “major Trump supporter.”

The police continue to investigate the case.

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