Racist Trump Supporter Harasses Muslim Family Vacationing At A Beach

A white man verbally attacked a Muslim family with anti-Islamic slurs at Texas beach.

A Muslim American family was attending a family reunion on South Padre Island, Texas, when they became victims of a verbal attack by a fellow beachgoer. The disturbing incident was recorded by the family.

The incident took place at Pearl South Padre Hotel in Texas, where the family was staying. The video shows the family enjoying a game at the beach when suddenly the assailant, Alexander Downing, yells slurs at them. The family says the abusive incident took place in front of their children.

In the video, the Connecticut resident yells “f****** Muslim” and refers to ISIS repeatedly. A few moments later he began screaming about Sharia law, which is derived from both the Quran and fatwas, the rulings of Islamic scholars.

The man is believed to be a Donald Trump supporter as, towards the end, he repeatedly screams “Donald Trump, motherf******!  Come f*** with Donald Trump! Donald Trump will stop you!”

The family further added that little was done by the hotel administration during and after the incident took place. According to family, the management didn’t intervene when the man was shouting at them, allowing the abuse to continue.

“I want people to also know that the hotel did not do anything to protect us,” Ahmed, a member of the family, told BuzzFeed News. He claimed the hotel staff originally told him they would evict Downing. “We will definitely go back to the beautiful island but will never go back to the Pearl Hotel."

The hotel claimed that because this incident took place on a public beach outside of the hotel, there wasn't much they could do to mediate the situation. Furthermore, management said their staff was unaware of the abuse until they saw the video online. 

After the incident, police arrived at the beach and arrested the man for public intoxication. 

Hate-related incidents are on the rise since President Donald Trump assumed office. Recently, a Muslim woman in line at a Trader Joe’s store in Reston, Virginia, fell victim to racism when another woman decided to attack her with slurs and an anti-Obama rant.

Twitter showed its support for the Muslim family.


Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Damir Sagolj 

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