‘Put Them Back In The F*****g Fields!’: Trump Supporter On NYC Subway

The most minor of annoyances set off a vile racist on the NYC subway.

Yet another Donald Trump supporter was captured on camera spewing racial and sexist garbage at a black woman, this time aboard a Manhattan subway.

The argument apparently broke out after the woman got the last free seat in the packed train. Fellow riders turned their cell phone camera on as the man began to repeatedly call one woman a "c**t."

As the two exchange angry words, and a lot of expletives, the woman tells another female passenger sitting next to her to call the police and have the man arrested.

“Sit down c**t," the man can be heard yelling, before calling the woman a “beached whale.” He then turns towards another passenger and yells, “Donald Trump 2016” to the air.

As the woman keeps shouting back, he continues, “C*nt! C*nt! Fat two-faced c*nt! Worthless stupid f*cking c*nt! Donald Trump 2016! Put them back in the fields where they belong.”

All the while, other subway riders can be seen looking around nervously. A few minutes into the fight, a woman intervenes to calm the man down but he doesn’t give up, as can be seen in another video of the same incident:


As Trump moves closer to the White House, now that he is the official Republican presidential nominee, his lies and vitriol appears to have influenced a number of race-based confrontations in the country, which prompts a very important question: Is this what a Trump presidency entails?

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