Racist Twitter Trolls Celebrate Cop’s Acquittal In Freddie Gray Case

Several Twitter users expressed racist and hateful thoughts about black protesters and Freddie Gray following the acquittal of officer Caesar Goodson.


Baltimore officer Caesar Goodson is the third cop to be acquitted of charges from last year’s highly publicized death of Freddie Gray.

Goodson was driving the police van that Gray was being transported in when he sustained his fatal spinal injuries while being taken to jail.

Despite the fact that the two other officers tried in Gray’s death walked free, there was hope that Goodson would be convicted because he was operating the vehicle; however, Judge Barry Williams determined that the state didn’t provide proof that the officers gave Gray a “rough ride,” according to Raw Story.

Following Gray’s death, the city of Baltimore erupted in chaos with riots, mass protests, and strained relations between black residents and law enforcement.

Now that justice is still not being served, it’s expected that more civil disobedience lies ahead, but some racist Twitter trolls have made a mockery of the situation by taunting and insulting black activists.

Others dragged Gray’s name through the mud by declaring that he deserved to die because of his criminal record and that the officer's acquittal is an example of justice being served.

Some people thought it was appropriate to make jokes about the fact that Goodson is black and therefore “the race card” can’t be used to oppose the verdict. Their logic, however, proves nothing more than their ignorance.

The outcome of this case is very much about race, social status, power, and corruption.

The officers involved in Gray’s death abused their power by mishandling Gray while he was in their custody. They were careless and ruthless, which we see all too often among U.S. law enforcement.

Furthermore, Gray’s death is not an isolated incident. Countless black men and women have died at the hands of police in recent years and the officers almost always walk free.

As a black man, Gray was portrayed as a thug and a criminal, making his wrongful death seem acceptable because it resulted in one less hoodlum on the streets threatening the neighborhood.

But, if he had been a white man, he would have likely been deemed a troubled or misguided young adult who fell through the cracks of society. We have seen this double standard play out in the case of white mass shooter Dylann Roof and white Stanford rapist Brock Turner.

The people who posted these deplorable tweets are not revealing truth; they are only spewing hate, which has sadly become the norm in the United States.

Regardless of personal opinions about the case or judgments surrounding who Freddie Gray was as a person, it is utterly disgusting to celebrate someone’s tragic death. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @JosephRoss27

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