Neo-Nazis Plan Protests Against Tennessee's Women's March

Women's groups are joining together once more on the anniversary of the Women's March, but white nationalists in Tennessee are planning a counter-protest.

Saturday is the one year anniversary of the Women's March, a mass protest of female discrimination that became the largest demonstration in United States history last year.

This weekend women's groups across the nation will be gathering again.

Staying true to their repressive character, white nationalists that are offended by these demonstrations of freedom and equality will be gathering this weekend as well to form a counter-protest to the women's marchers in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The counter-protest is being planned by the Traditional Worker Party, an organization that is described "as a white nationalist group that advocates for racially pure nations and communities and blames Jews for many of the world's problems," USA Today reports

The TWP also plans on protesting alongside of the March for Life in Knoxville on Sunday, an anti-abortion march organized by the Right to Life. This is despite the fact that the director of the Knoxville County Chapter of the Right to Life says that they do not support the TWP's white supremacist beliefs and are working with the police on a safety plan. 

Women's marchers have also had to collaborate with the police to prioritize protesters' safety and have changed their initial route while also adding extra security against the TWP. 

Founder of the group, Matthew Heimbach, posted on the TWP website with plans for the counter-protest saying, "We call all local Party comrades to assemble in Knoxville to take a stand for life, against the hordes of those who would empty the cradle of our nation, and to march for the lives of our unborn."

The post, titled "Pussyhats and Pitchforks," also details the dress code and invited "comrades in good standing" to a cookout which is sure to be chock-full of compassion and acceptance.

"We will be assembling at noon on Sunday the 21st and will be active for several hours," the post reads. "All comrades should be in uniform, if possible (or at least solid black with no pre-approved flags, symbols, or accessories), and be prepared for cold weather. Traditionalist Worker Party comrades in good standing are also invited to attend a meeting, cookout, and oath ceremony outside of Knoxville on Saturday the 20th."

We're not quite sure what "comrades in good standing" entails (maybe if you've discriminated against more than five people per week?) But two things definitely won't be present at the cook-out, diversity and common sense. 

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