‘Buy A Ticket Back To Mexico’ White Customer Berates Latina Waitress

The infuriated customer was yelling at the Latina woman because she apparently didn’t verify a free coupon the man’s son tried using.

An entitled white man thought he had the right to berate a female employee working at a restaurant just because she was from Mexico.

A Latina woman working at “Jack in the Box” in Houston was busy carrying out duties at the restaurant’s counter when a bigot rushed towards her and started spewing racial slurs. He demanded the woman verify a free hamburger coupon. The unnamed man’s son apparently tried using the coupon but he couldn’t after the waitress was unable to verify the promotional deal coupon.

“She told my son ‘No!'” screamed the aged man at a male employee who intervened and asked him about the problem. “She lied her ass off! You know, she’s not going to get away with it!”

In the footage, both the employees can be seen trying to explain their point to the customer but he is so infuriated he doesn’t stop screaming.

“Hey, you are going to get fired,” yelled the man, before asking the waitress for her name. She told him her name was Maria.

“Goodbye Maria. Buy you a ticket back to Mexico,” he shouted.


The customer who recorded this racist encounter said she was having dinner at the restaurant located on Highway 6 and 288 when the rowdy man started making prejudiced comments at the waitress.

"I'm Hispanic, so that was very offensive. That was uncalled for," said Lupita Rangel.

"To me that was just a show of racism. It just felt as if he was saying it to me," she said about the “go back to Mexico” comment.

Just weeks back, a racist NYC lawyer was caught on video berating a group of people for speaking Spanish in a Manhattan market. It is pertinent to note the workers were speaking to each other, not him but he still ranted against them. 

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