Racist Women Berate Latino Neighbors, Calls Them ‘Fat Mexican B*****s’

“Look at yourself!” screamed one of the racist woman at the Latino neighbors. “Compared to me, who are you? Who are you to us?”

Two women were caught on video charging racial slurs and abusive language at a group of people who happened to be their neighbors.

What was their fault? They were Latino.

In a video posted on YouTube, the racist women who happen to be white can be seen getting in a physical altercation with one of their Latino neighbors. As the video starts, the women can be seen physically attacking the Latino woman, pushing her towards a car. The altercation ends after the Latino woman pushed the white women off her.

The neighbor was naturally infuriated.   “You’re drunk, I’m not, you’re going to jail,” she said.

“You are!” one of the racist woman yelled.

“You came to my property!” the neighbor fired back, but her response infuriated one of the white women, who goes on to prove how bigoted she was. “Look at yourself!” she screamed. “Compared to me, who are you? Who are you to us?”

Naturally, the entitled women thought they were supposed to have a better space in the society — just because of the color of their skin, while the Latino neighbors were not.

The women were continuously harassing the Latino people, until a police officer arrived at the location. They desperately asked the officer to arrest the Latino neighbors.  “Go wait at your house,” said the responding officer to the women.

But they won’t listen.

“You old, fat Mexican b*****s!” one of them shouted at the family.

“It’s looking real good for you,” the officer sarcastically responded to the woman.

 The video then cuts off. Suffice to say two black women, or women of color been caught harassing their neighbors the police would have taken a completely different approach.

It is still not clear, what had infuriated the white women in the first place. Whatever, the case might have been, they could have called the cops in the first place, instead of berating and abusing their neighbors.

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