'This Ain't Your Country': Racist Passenger Attacks Asian Woman In NYC

It all started when the woman asked a little girl to share a seat with another child. That's when the situation spiraled into an almost physical altercation.

A woman in New York City was caught on camera berating an Asian passenger, at one point, even telling her, "This ain't your country."

It all started when the Asian passenger reportedly asked a little girl to share a seat with another child, drawing the ire of her mother, who was sitting right next to her.

"He didn’t get up for me to sit because my daughter’s black. He didn’t get up for me," the woman yelled at the Asian woman, who tells her to calm down.

"What’s calm?" the woman shouts back. "You play with my kid and I’m supposed to be okay with it? So f*** you."

The situation escalates to the point that the mother forces her daughter to push the Asian passenger off her seat and the woman falls down.

After getting up and regaining her balance, the woman warns the mother she would call the police.

"F*** police b****. This ain't your country. Welcome to America. Welcome to Brooklyn b****," she adds. "F*** outta here you’re gonna push my daughter out of her seat because she’s Spanish and you’re Chinese,' the mother rants to the silent train car."

It isn't clear when the incident took place. The video was posted to YouTube by Jose Amatute on May 30 shows.

The incident comes amidst a slew of racially-charged rants that were caught on camera. In one incident a white driver launched an unprovoked attack against an Asian-American family, telling them to “Go back to your own country." In another, a Korean-American veteran was mocked by a white woman who called him "Chinese ugly" and made offensive slant-eye gestures towards him.

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