Woman Attacks Chinese Couple At McDonald’s, Calls Them ‘Foreign Dogs’

“Who has the right to sit at the table: me, an American, or them, foreign dogs?” shouted the racist woman to a Chinese couple at a Mc Donald’s in New York.

A racist woman at a McDonald’s in New York humiliated a couple just because they were Asians.

Siwi Shen and his girlfriend couldn’t decide on what to eat, so they sat on a table trying to figure out their options.

Racism wasn’t on the menu, but they were served.

An unidentified senior American citizen didn’t like that Siwi and his girlfriend sat at her table, although the McDonald’s in New York has a shared space where people often share space with others if there is room for them to adjust.

So the couple sat down across a very large table, it had two open seats. However, the lady sitting across became furious and compared the couple to dogs. 

 According to the disappointing video posted by Siwi on his Facebook account, the women can be heard spewing hate with her xenophobic comments aimed at the couple. “Who has the right to sit at the table: me, an American, or them, foreign dogs?” she shouted.  “Don’t come here and sit on our tables — I’m trying to eat and this dog is sitting on the table.”

The shameless lady didn’t stop there. She further spread her racist agenda to others in the restaurant as well.

”Is she really a manager here? She is not showing her credentials,” she said pointing to a worker. “This one over here, she looks like a Colombian woman.”

Siwi tried to argue with her and probably talk some sense in her mindless behavior, but the bigoted women continued. “Hi! I’m an American [unintelligible comment]. I have a right to eat a meal; his ass shouldn’t be here. And then you know let me get the real manager,” she said looking at the camera directly before waving at it.

Siwi’s friend told NextShark about the terrible situation. “My friend and his girlfriend sat down at a table to think some more about what they were going to order at the McDonald’s around 14th Street in Manhattan and the lady that occupied the seat across from them started yelling at them that they couldn’t sit there because they weren’t American. That she had more of a right than them. The table is pretty big (as you can see in the video) but she still refused to let them sit there. When the manager comes out, you can hear her questioning her credentials because she looks Colombian.”

Although Siwi garnered a lot of support online, the video only brings us back to a sad reality: how facing racism and supremacy have become a common routine situation for foreigners living in the country.

Siwi later gave the woman the benefit of the doubt and explained why he didn’t call the cops. He also lamented how this is really common in the city where everyone is too busy to notice what others are going through.

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