Racist Woman Hurled N-Word At Two Black Boys, Attacked Their Mother

A woman from Oregon is wanted for physically attacking a black mother after being asked to stop yelling racist insults at her two young sons.

A woman from Portland, Oregon, might be facing jail time for a violent crime she committed against a black mother for defending her two sons.

In September 2016, two black boys — one age 4 and the other 11 —were playing in the courtyard of the apartment complex in which they lived. Their, apparently, drunken neighbor, 54-year-old Brenda Mae Glenn, became irate upon seeing them and began shouting the N-word and “bastards” at them.

Another neighbor, 68-year-old Ola Mae Keyes, called the police to report Glenn’s harassment, after which authorities warned Glenn to back off or she’d have consequences to face.

This, evidently, had no effect on the woman because she continued to shout abuse for more than an hour.

Keyes and the boys’ mother, Tierra Dizer, then decided to confront Glenn, who became violent. The Oregonian reports that, according to Keyes' testimony, Glenn shoved and scratched her and hit Dizer with a plastic bag with a beer bottle inside.

The blow left Dizer with a large bump on her head.

Although yelling racist slurs isn’t against the law in Oregon, physically attacking people obviously is.

Given that she’d spent more than an hour yelling racist slurs before she got violent, Glenn initially faced the possibility of being found guilty of a hate crime, but the judge dismissed those charges since Glenn’s racist comments hadn’t been aimed at the two women.

Prosecutors are still pursuing charges for the assault and for disorderly conduct. Their goal is to have Glenn serve time behind bars.

Glenn’s sentencing was scheduled for Feb. 22, but she didn’t show up. Instead, she left a voicemail for the judge’s staff claiming that she needed to get her “affairs in order.”

She is still wanted.

Based on her despicable behavior, some time behind bars and maybe even rehab for alcoholism seem to be just what Glenn needs. 

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