Racist Woman Threatens To Kill Hispanic Man Over Property-Line Dispute

“I’ve had videos for every time we call. But, [the police] say they have to catch her while she’s doing it, which has never happened,” said the victim.


A Hispanic couple in Indianapolis, Indiana, became victim of racism after their white neighbor reportedly harassed and threatened to kill them.

Miguel Rios and Luvia Roman said they purchased the house that they live in a year and a half ago. However, ever since they have moved in they have had several unpleasant encounters with the racist white woman – who remains to be unnamed.

They added the situation has escalated to a point that the woman called health department, narcotics and child protective services on them.

In the recent incident, the woman was captured on camera breaking “no trespassing” signs in the couple’s lawn. As she flung the signs, Rios approached her and attempted to calm her down. That is when she threw the sign at him and threatened to kill him.

“Touch me, I’ll kill you,” the woman yelled.

She then went ahead and picked up a second sign, snapped it over her knee and threw it on Rios and Roman. Another neighbor then reportedly yelled at the woman and told her to stop, but the woman in return told her to go “back in her f**king house.”

Roman later told Newsweek the signs were placed after the couple had several incidents with the woman regarding property lines. However, both the neighbors mutually agreed on placing the signs in order to resolve the issue.

Rios and Roman placed the signs in their yard and a police officer did the same for the woman.

The recent incident occurred when the couple found the signs removed from their lawn. However, Rios placed them back, but the next day the racist woman showed up in their lawn to confront them and that is when the argument ensued.

The couple had decided to contact police and report the woman, but all efforts went in vain.

“I’ve had videos for every time we call. But, [the police] say they have to catch her while she’s doing it, which has never happened,” the victim said.

They said things have now gone to a point that they are scared for their lives. Rios and Roman have also considered moving from the neighborhood, but their realtor told them they would have to repeat the entire process of buying and selling again.

Luckily, other people in the locality are with the couple and they have shown support for them.

The neighbors added the couple isn’t the first one who has been abused by the woman. She apparently has a history of targeting Hispanic and African-American families.

In one incident, the woman reportedly harassed a Hispanic family to a point that they were forced to leave the house. 



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