#BusBeratorBrenda To Passengers: ‘F*** Your N***** F***ing People’

A woman launched a foul-mouthed racist tirade at an immigrant passenger on a bus, and then asked the driver to call police.

UPDATE: The white woman who went viral for screaming obscenities and racial slurs on a bus has been arrested.

The video depicting the whole range of her racist rant is now fully available. And internet users have even given her a nickname: “Bus Berator Brenda.”

The video depicting the woman assaulting black bus passengers quickly made its rounds on the internet. Shortly after the incident, the woman was arrested. 

At some point in the video, “Brenda” screams, “F*** you and your n***** f***ing people.” She then proceeds to say, “Get the f*** out of my country.”

Earlier in the video, she says she has First Amendment rights and that she has the right to say “whatever the f***” she wants. Noticing she’s being filmed, she then walks up to the person shooting the whole incident on his phone and slaps it out of his hands.

Someone eventually yells, "Grab your mother!" in the video, which appears to be addressed to the woman's child. On Twitter, people used this detail to call for officials to have her child stripped from her.

On Twitter, the video went viral with journalists like Shaun King retweeting it.

Many people said they were shocked at the tirade, while others compared the woman to other individuals who have also gone viral for harassing black people for simply existing.

Some people even urged Twitter users to find out where she worked so her bosses were alerted that they hired a racist.

It’s clear that in President Donald Trump’s America, bigots feel empowered to vocalize their hate toward other ethnicities.

With so many people of color being ostracized and publicly humiliated, the progressive movement in the country is finally taking over. Politicians who want to put equality first are rising. Perhaps soon, women like “Bus Berator Brenda” will regret their shameful actions and racist views when they notice that the country’s top elected officials no longer back their hatred.

Hateful incidents against people of color are on the rise in America.

And now, all thanks to President Donald Trump’s draconian policies, bigoted people are telling immigrants to get out of the United States.

In an abhorrent display of racism, a woman was caught on video spewing hatred against passengers who were apparently immigrants on a Long Island bus. “Get the f*** out of my country!” the unnamed woman shouted at a passenger who was recording her rant.

She also had to say something hateful about “illegal immigrants,” claiming she was sick of the “mother f***ers”

The repulsive woman also gave a shut up call to other passengers on the bus who were condemning her behavior. “You got a f***ing problem with that, call the f***ing police.”  She can also be seen trying to snatch the phone of the person recording the video.

The Rockland County woman then reportedly asked the driver to call the police.

That is exactly what the driver did — however, it was the racist woman who got arrested.

Rockland County sheriff's deputies and Orangetown police arrived at the scene and arrested the prejudiced woman after she got off the bus.

The disturbing incident took place on bus No. 235 operating on Transport of Rockland Route No. 92.

“It looks like she was intoxicated. I hope she wasn’t normal thinking and talking like that. It’s just very sad,” said a passenger who witnessed the hateful incident.

The Rockland County Commission on Human Rights is in contact with the passenger who was recording the racist episode. The passenger who filmed the video has since filed a complaint against the woman.

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