Racist Veteran Teaches Military Skills To White Supremacists In Texas

A Marine is using military experience to recruit and train people joining his white-supremacist group chapter, which has grown since the Charlottesville march.

A Marine veteran is using his training and skills to prepare a group of white-supremacist recruits joining the Texas chapter of Patriot Front.

The group was created by members from one of the main groups involved at last year’s Charlottesville rally, and their private discussions show that U.S. military tactics are now being passed on to them.

The messages revealing these concerning details were leaked from the servers of internet chat program Discord, which is widely used by individuals who subscribe to white-supremacist and neo-Nazi ideologies. The content reveals that Erik Sailors, a Marine veteran and head of the Texas chapter of Patriot Front, gives members “hip-pocket classes.” Instructions include lessons on martial arts and other combat techniques, as well as what they should carry with them while taking part in protests.  

Sailors also gives his group’s members advice on what to eat and how to boost their overall health so they may be prepared for any future “missions.”

The Marine veteran was first identified in May by journalist Shaun King. On Facebook, King characterized Sailors as a “brutal Neo-Nazi who has been harassing, terrorizing, and assaulting people all over Texas.” Now, it’s been revealed he has also been teaching his tactics and skills to others who appear to want to follow in his footsteps.

It’s disturbing to think that the U.S. armed forces are giving individuals like Sailors a place where they can pick up skills they will later share with racists.

Perhaps this should serve as a warning that others like Sailors may still be employed with the U.S. armed forces, putting the safety of soldiers, and all of us, in danger. Now it's the time for the U.S. military to face this problem and act to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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