Racists Vandalize Burned Home Of 6-Year-Old Battling Leukemia

After an accidental fire practically destroyed a black Florida family’s home, racists came and vandalized what was left of it with offensive graffiti.

A young Florida boy is experiencing more turmoil in his life than any young child should.

Army veteran Joanne Perkins told reporters in Lake City, Florida, that she found racist graffiti painted on her home where her 6-year-old stepson Ivory — who is battling leukemia — also resides.

The house was actually burned down on New Year’s Eve due to an accidental kitchen fire, and the offensive markings were left on the walls following the disaster.

Perkins said the fire was started by her eldest son who left the stove on while no one was home. When she went to the house on Monday to collect what was left of her belongings, she came across a racial slur spray-painted on the front of it along with “Trump 17” on another wall, RawStory reports.

Perkins is struggling to figure out how to tell her young, ill stepson that not only was their home destroyed, but they were targeted by racists who clearly disregarded the obvious fact that the family had just suffered a devastating loss.

“How do I explain that to a 6-year-old whose only wish is he wants to come home?” Perkins told WJAX. “How do I explain that to him?”

“This is 2017. It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t understand it,” she added.

The Red Cross is reportedly providing a hotel room for the family for a week, but Perkins said after that she and her children have no place to go.

“I’m tired. I am,” she admitted. “But nothing in me is going to allow me to give up.”

The racism permeating the United States clearly knows no boundaries. The vandals responsible for the graffiti didn’t think twice about kicking a family while they’re already down.

This is a heartbreaking reminder of what life for the next four years is projected to look like under Donald Trump’s presidency

Banner Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Pjotr Mahhonin

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