This Radio Host Was Told He Couldn’t Criticize Trump — So He Quit

“It’s impossible to avoid the topic of Trump doing a three-hour talk show…That my bosses would censor me and not allow me to talk about this stuff is ridiculous.”


This talk show host didn’t want to quit criticizing President Donald Trump, so he decided to quit his radio show.

Bruce Bond, who hosted a show at 92.1 WTPA-FM in Central Pennsylvania, handed in his resignation after he was repeatedly told by his management not to speak “disrespectfully” of the president. The controversial talk show host said he was very “sad” to leave, but it seemed to him that he had no alternative course.

“It wasn’t my agenda to talk politics, but it’s impossible to avoid the topic of Trump doing a three-hour talk show,” Bond told “The fact that my bosses would censor me and not allow me to talk about this stuff is ridiculous.”

“I certainly didn’t want to leave,” Bond said to PennLive. “Being in that studio, it was perfect. And I’m very sad that that couldn’t continue.”

However, he also said he hasn’t been particularly vocal about his dislike for Trump on the show. Bond said he once played the infamous Trump quote about chocolate cake while the president was having dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping and played a segment of Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect,” but apart from that, not much mockery was leveled at Trump.

Still, the occasional gibe at the expense of the president was enough to spark the displeasure of the conservative-leaning audience in Central Pennsylvania and some of them threatened boycott on his Facebook page and emailed the radio station.

“I might give my opinion here and there that he's doing something goofy or whatever, but is that so bizarre?” Bond said in a follow-up interview. “I don't know what more to say that's so horrible about what I did.”

Bond also posted a notice from his general manager Tim Michaels that said it was “not permissible” to disrespect the president and he would have to discontinue the show if the host didn't stop.

Bond then resigned, stating he “could not continue being honest to my fans and listeners” under those conditions.

He also claimed  he made similar jokes regarding former President Obama and Democratic politicians, but never got such a rebuke from the management for them.

Pat Garrett, the owner of WTPA, is a strong advocate of Trump, according to, and once went even so far as to create his own song in support of the president.

While leaving, Bond had one last message for his listeners.

“I understand if you don't like me, and hate my thoughts,” he said. “Then don't listen. But there's a certain kind of faction out there that gets upset and wants to get me off the radio. Because I can't have an opinion. What is going on? What's wrong with these people? Seriously, it's like a mental illness.”

Social media was filled with support over Bond’s stance.







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