Woman Slaps Airport Worker After Missing Her Flight

A passenger was caught on camera slapping a female airport worker after arriving late at the terminal and discovering her departure gate had closed.

Off all the irritating things in life, missing a flight definitely ranks higher than most. However, a woman at London Stansted Airport took the meaning of being irritated to a whole new (disgusting) level by taking her frustration out on a staff worker who didn’t deserve such uncivilized behavior. 

The video posted above shows a raging woman slapping a female airport worker after discovering her departure gate was closed — because she arrived there late.

The worker, who stood behind the counter, was trying to tell the unidentified passenger she could not board her flight to Athens when the woman completely lost her cool.

"It happened Monday morning, 9ish, the passenger had too many hand luggage bags, refused to pay or repack, and was advised the gate needed to close so aircraft could take off as already a bit late,” a Swissport staff member told The Telegraph. "Her flight was to Athens, when the gate closed that was her reaction. She was escorted to the front entrance of the terminal."

The footage showed airport security approaching the raging passenger and giving her a warning before finally removing her from the premises.

"Police responded to a reported assault on a member of staff at Stansted Airport on Monday, Jan. 9. A woman was given a police caution for common assault. She was also refused to fly and was removed from the airport," a spokesperson from Essex Police informed.

Stansted Airport confirmed that the member of staff works for Swissport, which handles Ryanair.


Note to the inconsiderate passenger: Next time you book a flight, try getting to the airport a little before time. Workers at the airport are there to manage your air travel, not your mood swings.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Eduardo Munoz

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