People Struggle To Stay Afloat In Floodwaters In The Philippines

As thousands of people have already lost their homes and belongings to the natural disaster, more rains are expected over the next few days.

Unrelenting rain across the Philippines has destroyed tens of thousands of homes, displacing residents and destroying businesses in the affected areas.

floods brought by monsoon rains

Flood In Philippines

Residents ride on a makeshift boat

Five people are known to have died, and thousands of others have been seen wading through water in the streets, carrying their belongings on their head as they seek emergency shelters.

While three slum residents of Manila were crushed to death by walls that collapsed due to the floods, one man drowned while crossing a river in the island of Panay. A fisherman also went missing at sea off the central island of Marinduque.

Residents have been warned by authorities that these heavy seasonal rains may continue over the next few days.

A series of images from the province of Rizal has shown young men struggling to keep their head above the muddy water as they swim through the streets. Others were seen removing mud brought by the monsoon rains from an evacuation center, and a few distressing pictures showed a man who was trapped under debris of a collapsed wall, being carried by rescuers on a stretcher.  

Philippines Floods and Flooding

Philippines flooding

Philippines floods

Some displaced residents are taking shelter at a covered basketball court, and authorities have advised them to stay there until the weather conditions improve.

Residents take shelter

man carries his belongings and a guitar

Rescuers use a stretcher

On Sunday a powerful tornado ripped through Manila, destroying houses, blowing off electric poles and uprooting trees. Around 20 houses in the area were left roofless as a result. The Manila city government has promised to help our affected residents as soon as possible.

A video posted to Facebook shows just how powerful the tornado was.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Erik De Castro

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