Rampaging Trump Supporter Mows Over Homeless Man With His Truck

An avid supporter of President Donald Trump has been arrested for deliberately running over a man during a violent series of attacks targeting the homeless.

Donald Trump speaking holding one hand up in the ok sign.

Inspiring is not the word the majority of Americans would use to describe President Donald Trump, but he has unfortunately inspired some of America's worst to crawl in from the fringes.

On Monday, one of his devoted supporters rampaged against the homeless in Tulsa, Oklahoma, killing one man and injuring four others.

Tulsa World reported that Jeremy Thacker, 40, is being held by police without bail for one count of first-degree murder and five counts of assault with a deadly weapon. He allegedly struck a man in the arm with a metal object outside a convenience store before running over Shawn Birdo, a 46-year-old homeless man, who was sleeping in the shelter of an overpass.

Two other homeless people underneath the overpass, Cynthia Wallace and James Russell, were injured in the hit-and-run, and Thacker also reportedly ran over the legs of an unidentified woman outside the convenience store.

Larry Wagoner, who's been a friend of Thacker's all his life, told Tulsa World that he was absolutely shocked by the news.

“This is a guy that would give his shirt off his back to a homeless person," he insisted. "If they asked for a dollar, he would give away his last dollar or his last cigarette.

"I know he’s been having some hard times here lately, but never anything like this," he added. "He’s been down on himself here lately. He gets to a place in his head where life is great and then a week later, he hates his life. It hasn’t always been like this.”

He mentioned Thacker had been prescribed medication, but said he wasn't sure why.

"My dad said, ‘Whenever he’s on it, he’s normal. Whenever he’s not, he’s not,’” Wagoner remarked.

Court records show that Thacker has a history of aggression, and he was handed down a two-year suspended sentence for threatening a convenience store cashier with a knife in 2007. Furthermore, his Facebook page is a long, downward scroll of selfies, oddities, and hate peppered with love for Trump. The combination of all these ingredients was a recipe for impending disaster.

"Get a job b****! Lmfao," he posted on Facebook in 2015 next to a photo of a truck with a sign reading, "Stranded far from home. Need food and gas."

It says a lot about where the United States is when you can perfectly imagine Trump tweeting the exact same thing.

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