Gun Nut Rand Paul Wants To Arm All U.S. Pilots

The Kentucky senator wants to allow all pilots aboard commercial flights in the United States and internationally to carry guns in the cockpit.

After dropping out of the presidential elections race, Rand Paul has resumed his efforts to arm all American pilots.

The Kentucky Republican senator, who is known to have been affiliated with organizations far more extreme than the National Rifle Association, introduced the Arm All Pilots Act of 2015 as a standalone bill last year but it died in committee after failing to receive a vote.

This year, Paul is introducing his proposal as an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act.





It’s not as if arming pilots is a new idea. The issue has been under debate ever since September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Thousands of airline pilots can currently carry guns while on duty in the cockpit, under the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Flight Deck Officer program. But under President Barack Obama’s government, funds for the program have been reduced to half.

“I’m concerned about what is the most cost-effective way of preventing another 9/11: I want all pilots to be armed,” Paul said on the Fox News program “Hannity” in 2014.

“The president has zeroed this out of his budget. He’s advocated for getting rid of the program. And when I talk to pilots, I’m at airports all the time, pilots come up to me all the time and say it’s too hard to get a permit and to keep up the permit.”

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Here, it’s important to mention that no armed U.S. pilot has ever had to use a gun to defend against a potential terror or hijacking threat since the program started. And while there are people like Paul who believe more pilots should be armed, there are many others who emphatically argue otherwise.






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