Suspect Says He’s Too ‘Good-Looking’ To Have Raped Heavy Victim

The alleged criminal said that he couldn't possibly have raped the accuser because of her appearance, and because he's a "good-looking guy."

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A man from Marin County in California is using the most abhorrent of claims to defend himself from rape accusations. Unbeknownst to him, these allegations are simply making him seem even more likely to have committed the crime.

Izell Lewis, 26, is on trial for having reportedly raped a victim and then exposed himself and masturbated in front of an Uber driver.

While in court on Thursday, the man said that he could not have committed the crime because he’s a “good-looking guy” and the alleged victim is “300 pounds, no exaggeration.”

The competitive boxer reportedly lured the female victim into a secluded stairwell at the Corte Madera Town Center, then pulled down his pants and attacked her. He was later charged with a count of forcible rape and rape by a foreign object.

The victim was acquainted with Lewis because she worked at the mall, where he works as a part-time boxing instructor.

Before Judge Andrew Sweet on Thursday, the man said he wanted to be his own attorney. This decision ended up ruining the work of his previous court-appointed attorney, Michael Coffino, who had worked on a motion to dismiss the case after the victim got the date of the alleged rape wrong.

After explaining to Lewis what it would mean for him to represent himself, the judge reluctantly consented, saying, “This is a terrible idea.” That’s when the comments about the victim’s appearance were made.

After allegedly raping the woman, Lewis was reportedly involved in another sexual harassment case.

Police identified Lewis as the suspect who reportedly exposed himself and then masturbated in front of an Uber driver in San Rafael last month.

After the court hearing, the judge remanded Lewis to jail, prompting him to call Sweet a racist.

Lewis claimed he was babysitting when the Uber incident happened and that he does not have the app on his phone.

He’s set to appear in court again next week. If found guilty, he could go to jail for eight years for rape, plus more jail time if he’s found guilty of indecent exposure and other charges.

It’s incredibly disheartening to think that anyone would use somebody’s appearance to make a point about a rape case. Considering that this man may have been guilty of the crime, it’s clear that he feels that some women are worthy of abuse because of how they look. Unfortunately for him, he’s wrong.

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