Trump Fan Allegedly Rapes LGBT Activist: 'You People, You Hate Trump'

A leader of the LGBT movement in France who fled persecution in Algeria was allegedly raped by an American who sympathizes with President Donald Trump.

Warning: Graphic content below. This material may be sensitive to viewers.

Zak Ostmane, 35, a gay refugee from Algeria who now lives in France, is in the news after being raped by an angry Donald Trump fan.

Ostmane is a local leader of the LGBT rights movement and a co-founder of Shams-France — an organization helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people fleeing persecution in their home countries.

The victim states that he was at a bar in Marseille where he was dancing when his drink was spiked by two men. One of the men, an American, allegedly told him: “You people … you hate Trump. And you listen to black and Arabic music.”

After being reportedly drugged, Ostmane was taken to a hotel room against his will by the American and an Englishman where he was held hostage and subsequently raped, the Independent reports.

“One of them tore a sheet and tied my ankles and my wrists. I was kicked in the face and the chest. Then I was smashed against the wall and my nose was struck, there was blood everywhere... One of them went out and the other gave me a punch in the face, then sodomized me.”

After falling to the ground, Ostmane told reporters he screamed for help but one of the men had a knife. He was then told to stay silent if he didn't want to be killed.

His ordeal came to an end once policemen driving by heard him shout out. Once they arrived, two arrests were made. On social media, images of Ostmane showed him with two black eyes and several lacerations to his face.

Shams-France issued a statement saying that the organization condemns “this barbaric action and our thoughts are with our dear friend.”

Weeks prior, an-Arabic speaking immigrant was raped while her children were forced to watch the incident in Texas. While reports did not offer any information on the attacker's motivation, it's troubling to know of so many similar incidents being reported. And what's more tragic is that the victim in this new case fled persecution in his country only to be targeted by two Western individuals.

When will this trend of hate end?

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Valentyn Ogirenko

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