Killer Mike Draws Twitter’s Ire With Sexist Quote At Sanders Rally

The major Bernie Sanders supporter raised eyebrows for publicly relaying what someone else had told him about Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Rapper Killer Mike prompted strong reactions on Twitter after sharing what he said was a quote from a progressive woman, during a Bernie Sanders campaign rally in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Sanders supporter, who got fired up about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night, repeated a conversation with a woman named Jane Elliott, who he quoted as saying, “A uterus doesn't qualify you to be president of the United States. You have to have policy that's reflective of social justice.”

For those unaware, Elliott is an anti-racism activist and feminist widely known staging a "blue eyes-brown eyes" experiment to illustrate how discrimination works.

“When people tell us, hold on, wait a while, and that's what the other Democrat is telling you,” the rapper told the crowd at Morehouse College. “Hold on Black Lives Matter, just wait a while. Hold on young people in this country, just wait a while.”

However, once his statement began trending on social media, Mike pushed back hard at the claims that he was sexist. In fact, he said he did not mean to slam Clinton or her campaign to be the first female president and that his words were taken out of context — despite the fact that even the context doesn’t make it any better.






The quote also drew criticism from Clinton allies and other Democrats.




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