Man Jumps Into The Ocean To Avoid Paying $600 Lunch Bill

Upon receiving the bill for his feast, the man ran out the door, onto the beach and dove into the ocean.

In one of the most bizarre dine-and-dash stories to grace the internet ever, the staff at a multi-award winning seafood restaurant in Australia was shocked to see a patron run out the door, onto the beach and dive into the ocean — all to avoid the hefty bill he had racked up, according to the Queensland Police.

The customer, who was later identified as aspiring rapper Terry Peck, allegedly devoured at least two lobsters, 17 oyster vodka shots, a baby octopus and several beers at Main Beach's Omeros Bros Restaurant in Gold Coast.

When the check came in and Peck realized his grand total was a whopping $621, he decided to make an exit with out paying the bill. The restaurant staff chased him on foot, but he soon jumped into the sea at Surfers Paradise's Main Beach, swimming 50 meters out and refusing to return to the land.

The police soon arrived at the scene, but then, to make things even more dramatic, the officers had to jump on the back of lifeguards’ jet skis and ask them to pull the suspect out of the water. Although Peck initially refused the police by diving under the surface, the law enforcement officials were eventually able to arrest him.


“Police will allege they attempted to negotiate with the man to exit the water by himself, but he refused,” the police said in a statement. “Police were then forced to enter the water and apprehend the man, bringing him back to shore without incident.”

The authorities have charged Peck with two counts of serious assault of a police officer and stealing.


He appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court today where Magistrate Joan White granted bail, though even she expressed disbelief at the alleged crime.

“Oh god! By himself?” she exclaimed when she found out about the bill.

Although it is quite astonishing how Peck was able to swim after consuming so much food and alcohol, his defense turned out to be even more surprising.

“The lobster was a bit overcooked,” he said. “There was oyster shell in the oyster [shot] and he said he was going to take off the bill. They should be apologizing to me for the shell ... [and] the overpriced food.”

As the ABC reported, Peck was on parole when he allegedly committed the offenses.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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