Rare Aston Martin, Stolen 14 Years Ago, Expected To Sell For $1.4M

Years after the owner died, a rare Aston Martin has been recovered in Holland, and only time will tell who the new owner will be.

A rare Aston Martin racing car stolen 14 years ago has finally been recovered and is now being put up for auction.

The DB2 model competed in the 1949 Le Mans race, and was stolen in 2002. The car was owned by Christopher Angell, who died while the car was missing.

Apparently, 64-year-old Bert Anton Visser and 53-year-old Heerke Jan Visser stole the car in July 2002 from the garden of a property in Hinxworth, Hertfordshire. They were released on bail by a judge, but did not hand the car over to the authorities, nor did they come to face trial.

The race car was recovered from storage in Holland after which someone passed it on to Angell’s relative, Ashley Mack.

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Unfortunately, Mack found the cost of repairing the car too high and thus decided to sell it off instead.

“Christopher was devastated by the theft of his car and just before he died in 2003 he was still asking, 'Has that nice policeman got my car yet?’” he explained.

Officers from the Hertfordshire Police seized the vehicle in April. It apparently had been used as surety against a loan.

The auction will take place at Bonham’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex in the last week of June and is expected to have a retail price of $1.4 million.

The two men have still not been found and therefore remain unpunished for the theft.

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