What Happened After A Customer Spotted A Rat In A Calif. Restaurant

Apparently spotting a rat in this Californian bistro can give you a “seen rat” discount. But do cheesy discounts makeup for ratty experiences?

A restaurant recently made headlines for giving one of its patrons a discount of $30.95 on a $116.80 bill, but the customer wasn’t pleased at all. Perhaps the note on the receipt was the cause of her anger.

A woman was dining at Fat’s Asian Bistro in Folsom, California, when a rat ran over her feet. Naturally, she wasn’t happy with the situation.

She informed the waiter about the unwanted guest, but the manager did not come out to apologize. Instead, they asked her if she wanted anything for dessert before serving her with a “Seen Rat” discount on the total bill.

That wasn’t very wise — in fact, offering a free meal could have calmed her down.

The unidentified woman’s friend, Jackie Logan, posted the bizarre discount on Facebook, along with the story so that others could stay informed. The post has since been deleted but not before the internet could take screen grabs of the nightmare.

“I’m sorry, but does anyone else see a problem with this. If a rat joins you at dinner at a very well known family of restaurants in the area...At minimum a Manager should visit your table and comp my meal. Not ok...ever (at any restaurant)!!! WTF?!” Logan wrote.

The chief operating officer, Kevin Fat, was surprised at this unusual discovery, but he covered for his employees, explaining they did what they thought was appropriate at that time.

“In our 14 years in Folsom, we have not experienced something like this before,” said Fat.

Kelly McCoy, an inspector with the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department, came to the restaurant to check if the place was infested. She found no evidence of rats living or dead, no nests or gnawed food packages either.

A rodent might have come through the back door and wandered around before being chased out, she suggested.

Meanwhile, Fat is trying to track the customer down to make up for the awful ratty experience.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Maxim Zmeyev

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