Hidden Camera Captures NC Nurses Berating Patient Lying On the Floor

“You had to do something very wrong with your life. You’re suffering so bad, so you’ve done something wrong,” a staff member mocked an elderly patient.


Coming across incidents of abuse involving elderly residents in nursing homes are undoubtedly heartbreaking. However, for a daughter to see his father get mistreated at the hands of the nurses is bound to make her not just sad but also furious.

Case in point: Rebecca Knapton took matters into her hands when her father complained about how he was being treated at a nursing facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The 68-year-old patient’s daughter installed a hidden camera and to her dismay – her father was indeed right.

According to a video obtained by WRAL news, Knapton’s father was recovering from a stroke when he slipped from the bed at 4:20 am.

The patient could be seen repeatedly asking for help. Even though the volume on the TV was high, his pleas for assistance were audible.

It was not until 5:25 a.m., a little over an hour later, when a nurse came into the room and yet wasn’t apparently alarmed to find the elderly man on the floor, as she soon walked out of the room without bothering to speak or check on the patient.

Knapton’s father continued to call for help – and this time the staff members returned 15 minutes later.

However, instead of rushing to help him, they started to ask questions that lacked any compassion or consideration for a man who was helplessly lying on the floor and for whose well-being they are technically responsible.

“What are you doing there,” a staff member said. “What are you doing on the floor?”

“I need help,” the patient replied.

The 68-year-old man told the staff he had to go the bathroom but had an accident while he was waiting for someone to help him up. But the staff members didn’t pay any heed to his account as they proceeded to change him on the floor, despite of his protests he was cold.

“You were on the bed. You decided to go on the floor, so don’t complain that it’s cold,” a staff member said.

This wasn’t it. The despicable staff member continued to berate the patient by suggesting it must be because of his wrongdoings in the past that karma was getting back at him with such sufferings.

“You had to do something very wrong with your life. What did you do? You’re suffering so bad, so you’ve done something wrong. Yes, you did,” the staff member added.

It is absolutely abhorrent how an elderly person was at the mercy of people who not only failed to adequately perform their job but also made sure to make him feel even more miserable with their verbal onslaught.

Amid vicious taunts, the nurses finally lifted Knapton’s father into the bed, after nearly two hours on the floor.

“How old are you, one? You’re supposed to be enjoying your retirement. Instead, look what you are doing, pooping on yourself. Shame on you,” the staff member said.

Choice Health Management Services, the parent company of Universal Healthcare North Raleigh, took notice of the ugly episode and released a statement:

“As soon as the facility became aware of the family’s allegations, an investigation was initiated. We understand the family’s concern and regret that this occurred. The staff involved were terminated for their inappropriate conduct. The remaining staff received additional in-service training.”

It is not the first time such an appalling video of an elderly person getting mistreated at the hands of the nurses has surfaced.

The family of an 89-year-old World War II veteran sued Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center in 2014 after a hidden camera captured two nurses laughing at the patient as he struggled to breathe.

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