French Gangster Uses Helicopter To Escape In Dramatic Prison Break

Redoine Faid, France’s notorious gangster dramatically flew away from a prison after his associates hitched him a ride in a hijacked helicopter.


Famous French gangster, Redoine Faid, escaped prison for the second time.

This time he flew out of the prison in Reu, about 25 miles southeast of Paris in a helicopter.

In a dramatic style, Faid’s associates hijacked a helicopter and made the pilot land it in a prison courtyard that was not protected by anti-aircraft setting. After landing the helicopter, two men broke in the visitors’ room using smoke bombs and angle-grinders. Faid was talking with his brother at that time.

A third man was left behind at the courtyard to keep an eye on the pilot and guard the helicopter.

This wasn’t the first attempt of the 46-year-old to break out of prison. In 2013, he managed to escape a prison in Lille, France. At that time he used four guards as human shields and explosives that were hidden in a tissue box to blow out prison gates.

He was caught and placed back in jail by the French authorities within six weeks.

French Gangster

The gangster’s criminal record is extremely violent. He used to take families, couples and police officers as hostages while robbing cars, banks and shops. He claimed he perfected his robbery skills with the help of movies.

As soon as the gangster flew out of jail, a massive search was launched by the French National Police across greater Paris. Later, the helicopter was found dumped in a suburb after the criminals burned it just northeast of Paris.

Before lighting the helicopter, the pilot was set free. Police discovered him from the scene and admitted him in the hospital. Thankfully, he was not injured but was majorly shocked. 

The gangster and his partners in crime then reportedly used a black vehicle which was discovered abandoned in Aulnay-sous-Bois, another Paris suburb.


Faid has authored a book in which he detailed his experiences growing up in a crime-ridden suburb of Paris. He was serving prison for a time duration of 25-years for a failed robbery in which a police officer was killed.

The French National Police are still in search of the gangster.

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