Referee Made A Bad Call So This Basketball Coach Head-Butted Him

A high school basketball coach from Pennsylvania is on leave after being captured on video assaulting a referee he disagreed with.

Sports can get pretty intense. Coaches and players tend to get really passionate after a referee makes a bad call, but this Pennsylvania high school basketball coach took his frustration to a whole new level. 

A video has surfaced of coach Jerry Devine head-butting a referee so hard it knocks him to the ground.

Devine confronted the referee after he disagreed with a foul call as his team was losing, according to ABC News.

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Although the referee wasn't badly injured and was able to continue officiating, Devine was ejected from the game and has since been placed on administrative leave.

According to Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Associate Executive Director Melissa Nash Mertz, "[Devine] is a very respected individual that had a bad moment."

A very bad moment, indeed.

Although violence is not the answer and is a sign that Devine probably needs some anger management classes, it's hard not to let out a chuckle when you see the poor referee flop to the ground like he didn't know what hit him. 

Devine definitely won't be seeing the sidelines for a while. 

Watch for yourself in the video below:

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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