'Reformed' KKK Leader Is Hosting A Martin Luther King Day Celebration

Noted racist and former KKK leader claims he has changed his ways and now supports the historic efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement.

In an effort to be slightly less racist, former Ku Klux Klan leader John Abarr now heads a group called the Rocky Mountain Knights which claims to discriminate only against others who discriminate.

Continuing on this new path of tolerance, Abarr is also set to be one of the lead organizers of this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. commemorative celebration in Great Falls, Montana working alongside the NAACP and the First United Methodist Church.

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In response to being asked his reasoning for participating in the event that honors a BLACK man Abarr reportedly said, “I think (King) fought for justice. He wasn’t a perfect person, but overall, he was a good man.”

Basically, a devout racist is slowly but surely becoming less racist. Can that be considered a victory for people of color?

“He said he’s doing this for the kids. I was really nervous about hosting this,” Pastor Nancy Slabaugh Hart reportedly told the Great Falls Tribune. “But there does seem to be some kind of change in him.”

Others are not yet convinced, Rev. Philip Caldwell told the paper, “I don’t believe his motives are sound. I’m not sure he’s on the up and up. I don’t trust him.”

The doubt might stem from the fact that Abarr often sports a baseball cap that reads, “Make America Great Again,” the obnoxious campaign slogan of the abominable Donald Trump that really means, "Make America WHITE again."

Abarr also refuses to denounce the KKK despite the fact that he’s no longer a part of it … another cause for the side-eye.

Everyone will just have to wait until the event on Jan. 16 to find out if Abarr has really changed or if he and his "former" Klan buddies have something sinister up their sleeves…

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