Refugees Risk Life And Limb To Flee The US For Canada

“Virtually every person who’s crossed have said to us that the United States is no longer a safe country for them to be in.”

Following President Donald Trump’s executive order, refugees in the United States are fleeing for Canada because the U.S. is not the “same anymore”.

These refugees are so desperate to leave the U.S. that even the freezing temperature on the Canadian-U.S. border is not an obstacle for them. They walk across the deep snow and sometimes even on the back of trucks.

According to an agreement between Canada and the U.S., anyone who is registered as an asylum seeker in the U.S. can’t apply for a refugee status in Canada. Following Trump’s executive order on immigration, one of the main reasons what is driving these refugees to risk their lives and walk in extreme weather conditions is to flee a country who may now deport them and they might have to return to their native countries that are no longer safe and where they might get killed by warlords or gangs.

Most of the migrants who have arrived at a refugee clinic in Canada are from Nigeria.Paul Caulford, a doctor at the Canadian Centre for Refugeesays, “There’s no question what’s driving them. All of the people we've seen have been women and children. They've all had cold journeys in the back of trucks to save their lives literally but fleeing from, if you can believe this, from the United States.”

In another such incident, a Somali refugee told a reporter, that he had been trekking over 21 hours in freezing cold to flee the U.S.


Mohamed, the Somali refugee further added that he is originally from Somalia and he started walking in an intention to cross into Canada.

“I have a problem. America is [the] problem now,” he added.

Another refugee who remained unnamed said, “In terms of discrimination, my God, [the] US is worse. I still prefer Canada. It is a multicultural country where you see different immigrants from different cultural backgrounds and religions. They don’t discriminate and the country is just so wonderful.”

Brad Sinclair,executive director of the refugee clinic in Canada said regardless of Trump’s policies Canadians will always be ready and will welcome refugees with open arms.

“The world will unfold as it unfolds. We’re not going to be able to have any influence on what happens in the US, or the EU, or in sub-Saharan Africa. But I do know that the implications of that is that people are going to be arriving here who are sick. And we’re going to be there to give them help. Because that’s what we do in Canada,” he added.

However, there are many Canadians who oppose the country’s liberal immigration policy. As following Trump’s immigration executive order, the more people the U.S. turns away, the more refugees will try and enter Canada.

Recently, Trump’s executive orders on immigrations called for chaos and protests across the country. The Republican president barred travelers from predominantly Muslim-Majority countries which gathered hundreds of protestors at airports in the country.

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