Refugees Weep As Angry Mob Shouts "Go Home"

A shocking video has emerged of visibly shaken refugees being abused violently by an angry mob upon their arrival in Germany.

Refugees in Germany wept at the violent jeers and abuse thrown at them by angry protesters, in a display labeled “shameful” by one of the country's politicians.

In this video, which has now gone viral, the bus carrying asylum seekers arriving in Clausnitz, Germany, was blocked by an angry mob.

The protesters shouted “we are the people” and “go home” at the refugees. A police report claimed one protester gave the refugees a cut-throat gesture.

Around 100 anti-refugee protesters reportedly used cars to block the asylum seekers’ access to their hotel in the village of Clausnitz, Saxony, on Thursday.

Women and children were seen in the bus, and while some appear to be crying, there was one particular boy in a blue jacket, who was weeping uncontrollably in distress.

Those on board the bus were the first refugees to be settled in the village, which is 30 km from Dresden.

The state interior minister described the incident as "deeply shameful."



Police in Clausnitz said on Facebook there had been 30 officers on the scene to keep the two groups apart.

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