Dentist Ad Shows White Women Wearing Kimono And Native American Attire

The racist ad, which was blasted for cultural appropriation, showed three women wearing a kimono, Native American attire and a Scottish outfit.



A North Carolina dental center came under fire for posting a racially offensive magazine ad promoting a teeth whitening system.

Renaissance Dental in Raleigh published a full page ad in Midtown Magazine, which showed three white women dressed in different cultural attires.

With the phrase “Everyone SMILES in the same language” clad on the poster, one of the women is seen dressed in a kimono and holding a fan, another woman is seen wearing Native American attire and the third one seems to be wearing Scottish attire. The ad was blasted for cultural appropriation.

Social media users were not amused:






Amid the outrage, Renaissance Dental published an apology through their Twitter account, claiming they have now realized how “ignorant and offensive” the ad was.


The apology, however, didn't convince some.






The dental center is owned by Anna Abernethy, Jill Sonner and Anita Jones Wells. 

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