This GOP Congressman Climbed On A Rooftop To Escape Angry Constituents

The GOP congressman fled to the roof of a building to avoid angry protesters. However, little did he know he was being photographed.


So White House press secretary likes to hide in bushes to avoid people and GOP’s Rep. Darrell Issa goes to rooftops to evade his constituents. Seems like a pattern, doesn’t it?

The whole Twitter hullabaloo began when Democrat Mike Levin, who is running to unseat the Republican congressman in 2018, tweeted a picture of Issa holding up his phone and recording the huge crowd of protesters surrounding the building.

“Yes, this is really Darrell Issa on the roof of his district office building,” Levin wrote. “Too afraid to come speak with assembled constituents below.”

Hundreds of protesters have been demonstrating in front of the congressman’s office for more than a week over his decision to vote for the American Health Care Act, aka Trumpcare, as well as his support for several other conservative policies.

Levin also posted another image on Twitter stating the Republican did not seem interested in addressing his constituents’ concerns.


"I don't think he knew what to do," Levin added. "He wanted to show some sort of interaction with the group. But going up on the roof and taking pictures — I honestly don't know what to say. People thought I Photoshopped it. Bizarre, man."

Obviously, Issa couldn’t let the gibe pass and posted a tweet with numerous pictures of his protesting constituents.


"Spent the morning talking with constituents gathered outside the office today, then popped upstairs to take a quick pic!" Issa tweeted.

Issa’s spokesman confirmed that the lawmaker was "too afraid to come speak" but he did speak to many group members before going up to the roof.

"Mike obviously can’t keep his facts straight," said Calvin Moore, communications director for Issa. "The previous picture Mike posted minutes before was the congressman talking to his constituents, as others have noted."

However, rally organizer Ellen Montarani said Issa refused to shake her hand before the protest began.

"He refused to do that, and he said, 'Step away, you are a protester.' And I said 'I am a constituent,'” she said and added Issa made "disparaging remarks" about the protesters and the signs they carried.

Joshua Stewart, a writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, also received an angry call from the Republican over the incident.



But the damage was done. The photo of Issa brewed a storm on social media, with many comparing the scene from the TV show “The Office.”









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