Here’s How Trumpcare Will Negatively Impact Women

House Republican leaders are putting their health care bill to a vote, which if implemented, will damage women’s health in numerous ways.

Millions of women in America are concerned about their health care and rightly so.

On Thursday, members of the House Freedom Caucus met to discuss a list of policies they want included in the Obamacare repeal bill. The group made up of white men sat down to discuss the fate of women and decided on health care facilities females should receive. As expected, none of these policies actually were for the protection of women or the elderly, or any of those whose health will be jeopardized under the American Health Care Act.


Apparently, the group wants to imply regulations that would prevent insurance companies from covering basic facilities such as maternity coverage for women.

But the AHCA policies are also as shocking. Under the new health care act, states can cut off Medicaid coverage for women who do not find jobs within 60 days of giving birth. Most Medicaid beneficiaries are women and cutting off federal funds would leave many low-income women without a pathway to coverage.

Moreover, as a result, the availability of contraceptives, as well as coverage for sexually transmitted infections and cancer screenings for many women on Medicaid will be limited.

Moving on, the Trumpcare plan will also defund Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides reproductive health services for many low-income women. As a result, it will become more difficult for women to get abortion coverage, and would also limit access to family planning services for many low-income women leading to more unintended and high-risk pregnancies

There will also be a rise in costs of maternity coverage.

Costs of hospitalization, maternity care, and mental health coverage won’t be included in the AHCA, making basic healthcare more expensive.

People on social media are raising their voices against the bill, highlighting the damaging impact it will have on women, the old, and those who are chronically ill, even though it is meant to protect them.  They even urged others to vote against the AHCA.









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