Report Says Trump Eavesdropped On Mar-A-Lago Guests’ Calls

If you’re worried about government surveillance, then watch out for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump who allegedly listens in on peoples’ phone calls.


One of the qualities Donald Trump supporters list as a “presidential” trait is his success as a businessman but, as it turns out, his businesses are plagued with corruption, lies, and scandal.

Prior to his controversial presidential run, Trump was a respected real estate mogul in his own right, but we’ve come to learn that his “business savvy” isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Trump has filed for bankruptcy more than once, he’s been completely evasive about his tax returns, he’s scammed several non-profit and charity organizations out of money, his university was a big sham, he hired immigrants on visas to save money on paying wages, and he partook in numerous other underhanded practices that have been revealed.

Needless to say, Trump has proven himself to be a slimeball and a new report released by Buzzfeed further validates this sentiment. 

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida is a giant resort-like mansion that he rents out to hundreds of elite guests; however, Buzzfeed discovered that privacy is something the property does not offer.

Trump allegedly kept a type of switchboard in his bedroom at Mar-A-Lago that allowed him to tap into phone calls made by any of his guests.

According to Gawker, BuzzFeed News spoke with six former employees who were familiar with the system and confirmed that Trump frequently eavesdropped on peoples’ phone calls during the mid-2000’s.

While the sources couldn't say whether he has done it more recently because they are no longer employed there, it's probably safe to surmise that he has.

The former staff members said that he listened to calls made among club employees and between staff and guests, but they couldn’t attest to him eavesdropping on private calls made to people outside of the estate.

They also clarified that he could only hear calls made from the landlines and not from cell phones.

As it would seem, Trump was using his power to secretly keep tabs on how his employees were interacting with guests and vice versa. This “Big Brother” style of running a business is totally inappropriate and a complete invasion of privacy.

It also illustrates a total disregard for the trust people instilled in him as a host and as an employer.

There is no doubt that these are the types of sneaky tactics he would try to use as president of the United States.

Trump supporters think he could elevate the U.S. economy by operating it like a business; however, many Americans already distrust the government so his questionable practices are not what the Oval Office needs. 

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