Reporter Headbutted After Asking Interviewee About Fascism Support

An Italian reporter was headbutted on camera after asking the brother of an alleged mobster why he had made a comment supporting a fascist group.

Cardboards depicting Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Philippe Petain.

During an interview, Robert Spada, the brother of an alleged mafia boss, ended up headbutting the reporter while on camera, highlighting how risky journalists' jobs are becoming in the modern era. 

Daniele Piervincenzi, a Rai national television reporter, had asked Spada about a comment he had made online defending the Italian neo-fascist party CasaPound. While on camera, Spada lost his temper, headbutting Piervincenzi and breaking his nose.

As the reporter and his cameraman tried to walk away from the violent man, he went after them with a pipe and tried to hurt them further.

WARNING: Footage contains violence.

“Patience has a limit,” Spada later said about the incident, apologizing for the act. Despite having apologized, he was eventually arrested for aggravated assault.

When talking about the incident, Piervincenzi said he’s glad this story is getting attention.

“If it takes a broken nose to bring the spotlight to a municipality like Ostia, so be it,” he said.

With the rise of extremist nationalist movements across the globe, it isn’t surprising that an interview with an alleged extremist would result in such violence.

Furthermore this incident demonstrates how dangerous reporting the truth and asking questions is becoming in our society. 

While it’s tragic the reporter was injured, we’re glad the incident was caught on camera as now the world is aware that fascism is alive and well in its birthplace.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Aalborg Stift

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